Vietnam vacations – Mekong Delta Cruises

Vietnam vacations – Mekong Delta Cruises

One of the most popular excursions in Vietnam is to embark on a cruise along the Mekong River delta. Forget any preconceptions you might have of huddling together in a rickety old boat – although some visitors may well wish to experience river trips as they've been traditionally undertaken for centuries! Today's Vietnam travel experience offers nothing but luxury as you go on your Mekong River odyssey.

The cruise ships currently plying their trade along this stretch of Vietnam's beautiful countryside are more like floating hotels. A typical example of this would be the riverboat La Marguerite. As well as offering a superb vantage point for the journey, its facilities include a panoramic lounge, a library, a restaurant specializing in local and European delicacies, and the fully appointed Saigon Lounge.

The Mekong Restaurant gives tourists the perfect taste of Vietnamese luxury. The tables are well laid-out, giving visitors the option of dining within the privacy of their own company, or enjoying communal conversations. The team of professional chefs will provide a range of sumptuous dishes from France, Cambodia or, of course, Vietnam. As well as offering a mouthwatering menu of international fare, these chefs also like to specialize in traditional food from the delta itself. This allows tourists to get to taste of the landscape in which they are immersed. While much of the fresh food ending up in Vietnamese kitchens will already be familiar to travellers, some of the local Mekong delicacies will be far less so. Lavish buffets are available on request that can be served withn the restaurant itself; or for more occasions, brought to private tables.

The boat's upper deck posts the ‘Saigon and Panoramic Lounge'. This is where tourists can enjoy the ambience and find a comfortable position to relax on board the vessel. It's a backdrop of soothing music, you can choose from the extensive wine list. The panoramic views of the Mekong River are unparalleled. There is simply no feeling in the world like sipping from you drink while enjoying the fantastic background setting of the sun dappling on the delta waters.

This cruise offers many other facilities. You might be surprised to discover that on board this river-going boat there is a fully-equipped spa treatment centre. This is the perfect venue for relaxing for some serious pampering. And few spa clinics offer the additional luxury of the bed gently rocking to and fro with river currents. Within the room's genteel atmosphere you'll find a range of treatments available, which will help soothe your body, banishing stress.

Another thing the Mekong Delta is renowned for are the floating markets. This is where the locals pile their little crafts with all manner of interesting crafts, as well as exotic fruits and vegetables. After your relatively sedate river extremes, it makes a fantastic contrast to experience these bustling markets, chatting with these river merchants - and having a lot of fun haggling with them over items. You are sure to pick up a variety of exciting gifts and souvenirs that are unique to this part of Vietnam. These trinkets would make for a pefect memento of your holiday, as well as offering a pleasant reminder of your river cruise.