Vietnam-Born Entrepreneur An Trinh Excels in Silicon Valley

With cybersecurity challenges rising, the industry turns its gaze to An Trinh, a trailblazing figure earning international acclaim for his groundbreaking research and entrepreneurial prowess in cybersecurity. Within a short span, this 27-year-old co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Calif Inc. has carved a niche for himself as a trendsetter in cybersecurity, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in this domain.

Trinh was born in Vietnam but intends to spend as much time in Silicon Valley to continue growing Calif Inc. Trinh’s innate passion for technology led him to pursue education at a local university, after which he decided to dive deep into the universe of cybersecurity. As his abilities and passion grew, Trinh endeavored to find methods to improve the industry—methods that have since become the hallmark of his career.

"Success in the cyber security industry isn't just about technical expertise; it's a testament to the resilience and determination of those who embrace the challenges,” remarked Trinh.

With technical understanding and a sharp mind, Trinh gained recognition among peers and industry veterans. He showcased his adeptness by presenting at globally recognized security conferences like Black Hat London, ZeroNights Saint Petersburg, and BSides Singapore. His presentations showcased his depth of knowledge and ignited discussions and collaboration among industry experts.

Beyond presentations, Trinh’s prowess as a bug hunter is legendary. His knack for uncovering security vulnerabilities has reaped generous rewards through international bug bounty programs. Among these, a standout achievement includes earning close to $200,000 from PayPal's bug bounty program within a year–a feat many can only dream of.

One of Trinh’s most influential pieces of research involves Java Remote Protocols. This rigorous study spotlighted intricate issues and led to paradigm shifts in how the cybersecurity industry approached Java security. Giants such as VMWare, Oracle, Dell, and IBM have accredited Trinh's work in this domain.

Another seminal discovery by Trinh was identifying critical vulnerabilities in the Zimbra Email Server. With Zimbra being a linchpin for over 200,000 businesses across 140 countries, this discovery had ripple effects across the globe. The NSA, FBI, and CISA referenced his work in security alerts, further solidifying his position as a cybersecurity heavyweight.

Trinh's skillset is not limited to research alone; his entrepreneurial acumen is equally noteworthy. Co-founding Calif Inc., an information security consulting firm based in Silicon Valley, Trinh spearheaded its meteoric growth. Under his stewardship as Chief Technology Officer, Calif Inc. experienced an awe-inspiring revenue escalation from $600,000 in 2021 to over $2 million in 2022. Clients have included big names in the industry such as BitGo, Anthropic, and Let’s Encrypt.

Public attention was brought to Trinh’s technical prowess when esteemed events asked him to serve as an industry judge. Events included the Globe 2023 Cybersecurity World Awards and Stevie 2023 American Business Awards, an honor that underscores the respect he commands in the industry.

"Cyber security has become a vital cornerstone of our modern society, and I am driven by a relentless desire to make a lasting impact. My accomplishments thus far serve as a springboard for even greater contributions. I am determined to leverage my expertise, skills, and passion for enhancing the industry and safeguarding our digital world,” Trinh added.

Trinh’s synthesis of cutting-edge research coupled with entrepreneurial flair makes him a figure of paramount importance. As the world progresses, An Trinh’s endeavors remain a beacon, guiding the path for both industry stalwarts and novices.

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An Trinh is a pioneering force in the cybersecurity industry. He co-founded Calif Inc. and served as its Chief Technology Officer. His research has profoundly impacted cybersecurity, and his entrepreneurial abilities have played a pivotal role in advancing the industry and will continue to do so.