Take Notes Before Visiting Vietnam

Take Notes Before Visiting Vietnam

According to Rough Guides, Vietnam for years is among relatively safe country for travelers including solo women visitors. But there are some, in particularly things to be taken into consideration before wanderlust comes to Vietnam. Let's check out below:

When to visit Vietnam?

Sounds like an old question, but yes, really important because it will play a great role contributing to your awesome trip. Luckily, visitors can come to Vietnam anytime in a year but with just some notices and they can choose the right place to go.

Northern area: There are 4 distinct seasons including Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each season has its own exquisiteness so just arrange suitable time depends on schedule of the trip.

Central area: The most typical climate feature Central is the rainy and dry season, of which summer is the hottest time of this land.

Southern area: Humid tropical climate with 2 main rainy and dry seasons.

Ideal time suggested: Visit Hanoi or Sapa in October/ November/ December; Ho Chi Minh in February/ March; Hue down to Nha Trang from January to July.

What to eat in Vietnam?

Another simple wonder when discovering a new land, then it should be about food and culinary. First-time comers must have been searching much for all related information and here are some popular dishes listed: Pho (noodles), Bun cha (grilled pork, eaten with thin noodles, sauce, herbs and vegetable), Banh mi, Bia hoi (beer), etc. But they are just a small part of various food map in Vietnam, so for more information, have a look at the example list:

Ha Giang: Buffalo meat hanging on the traditional wood stove Hanoi: Pho, Bun cha, Bun thang, etc. Nha Trang: Jellyfish noodles Ho Chi Minh: Rice with pork ribs

If you want to experience all in a guided tour, then we recommend you a gourmet tour with https://vietnamdiscovery.com/gourmet-vietnam-tours-28.

How to cross the streets in Vietnam?

For those coming and staying in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi/ Ho Chi Minh for the first time, there will have no hassle more than passing the streets full of rushing motorbikes, taxi, cars, buses, etc. Traffic is a little bit scary as you'll still have to watch out although pedestrian lights are on and if other vehicles want to pass you, they signals by horning as much and loudly as they can. It will take you some time to get used to it then!

So here're the tips:

Take it slowly

Look out cars/buses, etc. carefully

Follow locals – they are masters of crossing labyrinthine streets

What to prepare before flying?

Of course it should be about required documents for entering Vietnam including Vietnam visa, air tickets and money.

The first one, visa, can be seen the most complicated procedure to be accepted getting in a country but now it's all so easy with visa on arrival. Applicants will only need to fill in online form, get approval letter via email and then get passport stamped at Vietnam airport, which is definitely stress free!

Vietnam visa on arrival is issued for those who travel to Vietnam by AIR only so please take note this one and have your wise arrangement!