Popular Breakfast Treats

Popular Breakfast Treats

Like everyone, most of us would love to take something early in the morning to start us off. Visitors to Vietnam are likely to be spoilt for choice regarding ideas for breakfast. However, those who want to have an authentic taste of a local Vietnamese breakfast treat must be liberal and ready to adjust to new elements. Indeed, you need to have a sense of adventure to enjoy the best meal in town. Think about the following exquisite Vietnamese dishes:

Xoi – Sticky Rice: This is a trendy dish in many Asian countries; Vietnam is no exception. Xoi is usually prepared with sticky rice; you have to steam the rice until it's well cooked. Due to Vietnam's agricultural culture, Xoi is generally considered one of the favorite Vietnamese breakfast meals.No doubt, anyone who takes a small amount of sticky rice will- likely- have a good reserve of energy to take him through until the lunchtime. And so comes in different types, including xoi ga( sticky rice mixed with fried chicken), xoi xeo( mixed with fried onion, beans and oil), xoi gac ( rice with gac fruit), and xoi dau xanh( rice with beans). Anyone visiting Vietnam will find that xoi breakfast is a must-try.

Banh Cuon – (Steamed Rice Pancake): And there's another must-try breakfast candidate here- the Banh Cuon. Banh Cuon is-essentially- steamed rolled rice pancake. The meal is made using steamed, curled rice flour with meat and vegetable pad. The various regions in Vietnam have their own unique ways of preparing this meal. And this can differ, ranging from the ingredients used to the dipping sauces. It's also an excellent suggestion to try Banh Cuon with tasty grilled chopped meat and spring roll; find out if this is on the menu; you might enjoy a much richer taste.

You can enjoy these exciting breakfast treats in various places including Hai Duong, Kenh village, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Lang Son, and Phy Ly. All these are locations where you could have some taste of the super yummy; you could also enjoy some special Vietnamese flavours characterized by steamed rolled rice pancakes. You are advised to try this food when it's warmed or cooled- this is how you'll discover your preference; yes, Banh Cuon is one unique Vietnamese traditional dish that no one should miss to try whenever they're in town.

Banh Bao – Vietnamese Dumplings: Interestingly, Banh Bao actually originates from China. Those who did a great job to try importing this food into Vietnam made a special effort to make this a satisfying Vietnamese treat. Generally, you'll discover soon enough- that Vietnamese dumplings are much smaller than the Chinese variety. Based on available ingredients, the stuffing is also significantly different. Some of these ingredients are quail eggs, mushrooms, sausage, cat's ear, vermicelli, chicken eggs, and minced pork.

Most Vietnamese find that Banh Bao is a convenient breakfast treat, primarily because they can easily buy this foodstuff from different vendors who hawk the stuff along the pavements. And the food comes at an affordable price; before you know it, you'll have the food- readily prepared- and your breakfast meal is assured. This is another must-try dish for visitors to Vietnam.

Bun Bo Hue – Spicy Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup: This is another popular Vietnamese breakfast meal. The locals prefer to call it "Bun bo Hue- evidently, this is the only way to indicate where it comes from, its origin. How is Bun Bo Hue prepared? The common ingredients used include broth, beef, noodles, pork pies, and other elements. The elements may include crab pies which are added depending on the customers' demands and the cook's preferences. Others are spicy flavour and chili powder that makes the broth turn red. This may be taken with raw vegetables, lettuce, banana flowers, coriander, and cucumbers.

The Vietnamese Boiled Corn"Fast Food": One might ask: Did you have enough time to eat your bowl of Bun Bo Hue or Pho? If you're a visitor, you most likely didn't. But don't worry- you have a perfect substitute ready in boiled corn- this is a truly unique Vietnamese breakfast diet. And it comes in two major types- sweet corns and glutinous corns- both are ideal for a sumptuous breakfast.

The Vietnamese generally prefer purchasing raw corn and boiling it; this ensures general food hygiene. You also get them at a relatively affordable price. Boiled corns can perform miracles in the users' body and improve public health- it remarkably strengthens the digestive system, prevents the risk of getting cancer, and reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular issues. It's also great for your skin and eyes. This is one excellent traditional fast food breakfast that visitors should always try.