Mouth-watering restaurants in Hanoi

Mouth-watering restaurants in Hanoi

A sizeable proportion of first-time Vietnam visitors have never tasted Vietnamese cuisine before. If you fall into that category then rest assured, you are in for a range of tasty treats. The capital city, Hanoi, boasts a diverse range of restaurants that will provide fantastic examples of the local fare.

Vietnamese food is characterised by its light textures that are awash with subtle flavours. Naturally, for such a cosmopolitan city, Hanoi can also boast international choices, catering for every piece, whether your preferences happen to be Chinese or Japanese, Mexican or Italian, and all points in-between.

Al Fresco's

One popular choice for family outings is the chain restaurant, Al Fresco's. Situated in Hai Ba Trung Street in the lively Hoan Kien district, caters for visitors requiring something more substantial than the traditional lighter Vietnamese dishes. House specialities include enchiladas and ribs, washed down with Australian or South American red wine. You will also find Al Fresco's prices are easy on the wallet.

Bar 69

Located in the heart of the city's tourist area, bar 69 enjoys a historic location within a 300 year old traditional wooden building. The food on offer is mainly Vietnamese, but is refined for western tastes. This restaurant is particularly recommended for pre-dinner drinks and snacks, with beef strips a speciality. You must also sample cool glass of Saigon beer with your meal. Live music is also provided to enhance the dining experience.

Au Lac House

Situated in an old French colonial house in Hanoi's Hai Ba Trung district, the Au Lac offers are distinctly sophisticated eating experience. Meals are served starched white linen and the waiters are renowned for their attentive service. The high ceiling create a marvellous ambience that is brimming with tantalizing smells of local produce: from slow-cooked pork or fresh fish to Viet satay. If you are having a busy holiday taking in the country's abundant places of interest, and have been making do with snacks, you should certainly make the effort to spend at least one evening here. Enjoy being pampered while you taste the excellent meals.

Bobby Chinn

this restaurant is the only one in Vietnam to have received the prestigious five-star Diamond award. Bobby Chinn is even known Vietnamese restaurateur, and serves this signature dishes in a lakeside restaurant just outside Hanoi. The meals include unforgettable filet mignon spring rolls and crab cakes, glazed in tamarind.

Bun Cha

if you are looking for a taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, the Bun Cha serves excellent street food in the Hoan Kiem District . Choose from a mouth-watering array of dishes, including barbecued pork and a host of wonderful soups.